We build, repair, upgrade, update, service & sell computers / Laptops as well as portable TomTom & Garmin Navigation systems.

Computer Repairs Centre the Professional Repair Experts 

If you get a Problem / Fault with your laptop or computer, it could be costing you time, money, causing frustration as you can't get any work done?
It's important as you need a working laptop or computer to go on the internet, check important emails, connect with friends & family on social media, shop, sell online or write a thesis, and you can't do with the downtime.

That's were we help you, find out whether it is cost-effective to replace your faulty item or repair it & get it back working exactly the way it should be, guaranteed!

Most Common Computer / Laptop / MacBook / iMac faults we work on. 

The Screen is Blank.
Abnormally Functioning Operating System or Software.
Windows / OSX Won't Boot.
The Screen is Frozen.
Computer is slow.
Strange noises.
Slow Internet & much more in 30 years.
We are here to help.

We Can also help you with your TomTom or Garmin Portable Satellite Navigation device. 

Device Won't Turn On.
Dead/Drained Battery.
Bad Display.
Needs updating
No Sound or Distorted Sound.
Bad Speaker.
Charging Trouble.
We are here to help.

Quick FREE assessment & show us the problem.

We will estimate the cost of repair or upgrade, straight away after a quick assessment if possible (give you a free consultation). talk about the issues you’re facing & / or book the item in to diagnose the fault/s.
After which we can then give you a quotation for Repair for it to be in fully working order for you to decide if it's worth the cost of repairing or replacing it.

Very good Success Rate & Low Price

Rough estimate of about 80% of items that come in for repair have been Cost affective to repair rather than to replace at full price. We offer the best service at the lowest possible price.

In-store Workshop - Quick Repair Service

We can fix most and a wide variety of computer problems in our own workshop. Including removing virus, upgrading hardware and, recovering your data if your hard drive crashes.
We’ve been in this business for 14 years. Our technicians know how to find solutions fast, without compromising on quality. Rest easy knowing your device will be back in your hands ASAP.

Our Electronics Experts

If we are unable to fix your computer instore, we can send your computer to our Electronics Experts. Our experts have access to the latest technology to ensure that more complicated repairs to your machine are completed successfully & Cost effective as possible. 

We Also Sell / Buy / Part exchange

Check our Item for Sale for Computers, Laptops, Apple MacBooks, iMac's & TomTom / Garmin Portable Satellite Navigation device's & Accessories for them. 

Transparent Pricing

We have a fixed Price guide in our shop for the most common repairs.

Also, see our price guide Click Here

We don't charge VAT 

IT Support

Remotely based, same / next day support

We can also remotely connect to your PC / Laptop to fix most problems as long as you can still connect to the internet.


All our repairs come with a guarantee covering the repaired faults & depending on type of repair work carried out.

7 days to 12 months. Parts warranty vary.

CALL : 01924 472730

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