Ethical Approach

Suspect your hardware is too old to repair, the fault too severe, or the repair cost might outweigh the cost of replacing the machine?
Computer Repairs Centre takes an ethical approach to diagnosing faults, including assessing, valuing & estimating the repair costs of the equipment before we book it in and discuss replacing the machine if we feel it would be more cost-effective. A good example of this is Printers, where the cost of replacement is often less than the cost of repair.

Similarly, if during the diagnostic process we form an opinion that the equipment is beyond economical repair, we’ll get in touch and let you know so you can make an informed decision.


In the digital age, we’re more reliant than ever on technology and this is increasing all the time. Whilst Smartphones can perform a wide array of functions, they’re often not a complete replacement for a desktop or laptop PC. Inevitably, at some point, your computer will develop a fault you’re unable to fix yourself and you need a computer expert - Computer Repairs Centre is your local computer experts!

What’s wrong with it?

There are hundreds of different factors, both hardware and software-related, that can potentially be causing an issue with your machine. The first step for us is to perform a diagnostic on the device, which includes analysing and testing the described issue, as well as testing key components of the device such as the Hard Disk Drive, RAM, Graphics card, Power supply etc. in order to try our best to ensure that we get to the bottom of the issue and that no further problems arise in the near-future.

How long will it take?

Diagnostics have no specific time frame - this is due to the complex nature of Computers. A seemingly simple issue always has the potential to turn into a long diagnostic process, and vice versa. While we try to complete diagnostics as soon as possible, we also make sure to do a thorough and professional job so that nothing is missed.

What does it cost?

Diagnostics are time consuming and complex in their nature, and therefore we have a minimum diagnostic charge of £25.00 or £45 if it requires Electronics Diagnostics (off-site), which covers part of our technicians time looking at your machine. We don’t believe in the ‘no fix - no fee’ offered by some repair companies, as often this is just added to the final cost - or leads to a rushed and inaccurate diagnostic.

In all but the most complex repairs, if you decide to proceed with the quote we give you, we will waive our diagnostic charge, or if you purchase replacement equipment from us.

In the event that you do not wish to continue with the repair, we ask only that you pay the diagnostic fee to be paid in full prior to us releasing the equipment or save that cost by recycling the item with us.

The Process - How it works

1. Book in your equipment with us - provide us with all your contact info
2. Technician appraises the equipment and finds the probable source of the fault
3. We provide you with a quotation for your approval - we never proceed to a repair without your permission!

"Diagnosis, Investigation, checking, testing, fault finding"


When Is diagnostics required?

When something is wrong with your computer / Laptop but
1. we can’t figure out what exactly it is, by just looking and doing basic checks.
2. it is not an obvious thing like the screen is cracked, the charger is faulty or something is broken. 
2. Will not start up or get into windows (Desktop), 
3. Your computer frequently freezes or crashes or reboots.

Why?. We need to get clear explanation to be 100% with the total cost by doing hardware tests to find out exactly:
1. what is wrong with your PC (Which parts are faulty, if any)?
2. what's required (faulty part replacement or Software (Windows re-install) to fix it?
3. The time it will take for a complete guaranteed repair?
4. The delivery time for the part, if required?
5. The total cost it would be ?
6. Is the total cost of repair is worth it, to be cost effective or if it's cheaper to Replace it?

Hardware Diagnostics

To diagnose the faulty parts, we will do some if not all:
* Memory Testing (20 mins - 3 Hours)
* Hard disk drive Diagnostics (20mins - 24 hours)
* Manufactures diagnostics Tests (15mins - 5 hours)
* Replacement of Parts & then Testing (15mins - 3 hours) if in stock or compatible is available to us. or upto 7 days if we need to order a compatible part.
* Hardware information monitoring (Motherboard sensors, Usage & Temperatures)
* System Stability Tests (Full Power usage continually while monitoring sensors).

It is commercially in our interest to be successful in repairing your item at a cost effective price, but if this is not the case the only charge would be for Diagnostics.
£25 In-store Diagnostics or £45 Off-site Electronic Diagnostics charge?

We only charge diagnostics if the item is not cost effective to repair or you decide not to go ahead.

Which covers some of our time & expertise" that includes all the steps to get a clear explanation of the faults, requirements & time to get a real total cost of repair.
Also known as an ESTIMATE or Quote.
"It can take anything from 30 mins to 3 days depending on the fault's we pick up on & the time each test takes"

Off-site Electronic Diagnostics: requires us to drop-off & collect from our local electronics specialist.

Due to Manufactures not providing circuit diagrams "They want you to replace the whole motherboard" or the complete item with new.
It's very difficult to trace & find faulty micro components or whatever else it may be without a circuit diagram or identical working identical item to get some reading from.

Which then takes a lot of time investigating the known & unknown possibilities. Replacing & re-testing after each component replacement possible until the item works or a faulty chip is not replaceable at a cost-effective price.

Delivery time for each component can take anything from 3-7 day within the UK or 2 to 8 weeks if only available from abroad. 

We are more than confident that our testing and diagnostics is 100% accurate maximum of 1 of 2 parts (motherboard & CPU) that ! if you can prove otherwise or we have made a mistake, we are more than happy to give a full

Diagnostics Refund + Extra £25

If after providing our conclusion "diagnostics report" with picture evidences (where possible) of a fault & testing we have done, you are welcome to get a second opinion & diagnostics from any other reputable professional Computer repairs shop.
Evidence must be provided to us, for a Refund.

MS Windows Service & Tune-up

If we "You" can login to windows, but not everything seems to work as it should, you get pop-ups of messages, running slow, then we can give it a Windows Service & tune-up to get it working right again. While keeping all your important programs & data as it is, but working & running better.

Clean Start (Windows re-install)

If it passes all the Hardware tests, then it requires Windows Operating system re-install. Wipe all, and start fresh with a 100% clean INSTALL of Windows, professionally done.

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