Helping you to get your Printer working with your Laptop or PC.

Printer install and Setup

Read the installation guide for your printer if you have it. Lots of printers can be very finicky, and if you have an installation guide you should follow its exact instructions. You can usually find the installation guide on the manufacturer's support page for your model. 
You can also read "How to Install a Printer" to help you with the basic setup guide, in-case you missed something. 

If all fails, or you want it setup right away, we can help you in ways listed further below.
"We currently can not do call out work at your home or business, but we can":

  1. Install & setup the printer while still at your house / business, remotely, with a few instructions over the phone to get us connected & support over the phone to confirm everything is connected & printing once done. £15.00 Paid in advance by online payment or in-store. PayPal Link here
  2. Install & setup the printer in-store if you will be using a USB cable to connect the printer to your PC / Laptop. £15
  3. Help by testing the printer in-store if you are having trouble printing due to some error. To confirm if it is the printer which is faulty or not, or not setup correctly. £10 Diagnostics

If the printer is found to be faulty or requires ink or toner to work, the charge still applies for our time. Also if the printing quality is not clear & not printing a certain colour/s. 

Or a very old printer may no longer be compatible with the newer versions of Windows.

Home use printer repairs are usually not cost effective to repair & we don't have the expertise to repair Business range printers so:

We can NOT Repair Printers

We will run the maintenance to clean the printer heads where possible, but unable to guarantee how well the printer works. (usually a problem with inkjet printers that have not been used for a long time).
Laser printers that have lines going across the page or other printing marks usually require a maintenance or service part. We don't keep any parts or stock printers so are unable to help under these circumstances.

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