Aim & philosophy
of our business ethics

Islam provides us the full fledged ethics of business if once implemented transparently; it
can bring the revolution in the field of business and economy. Ethics is considered the
moral standards by which people judge behaviour. Islam places the highest emphasis on
ethical values in all aspects of human life. In Islam, ethics governs all aspects of life.
Ethical norms and moral codes discernible from the Qurโ€™anic verses and Hadith are
numerous, far reaching and comprehensive. In an Islamic system, ethics and business are
not only compatible but they are also inseparable. Islam stresses the link between
business and religion. It projects a perfect way of life. A human manner and behavior in
small and medium enterprises cannot be effectively clarified without references to the
Islamic business ethics which can manage it. Thus, this research paper will explore the
concepts like Islamic ethics, business, business ethics on one hand and Islamic business
ethics on the other hand.

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