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We’ve put all the legal stuff about how our services work, and what we do with your information together in this handy reference section. If we haven’t covered something or you need to know a bit more, please give us a call on 07838 446696

Your use of COMPUTER REPAIRS CENTRE services is governed by the following terms and conditions. Please
read them carefully. They do not affect your statutory rights.

By ordering services from COMPUTER REPAIRS CENTRE you are entering into a contract with us. The terms
below are important and set out our obligations to you and what you are agreeing to.
IMPORTANT: You are responsible for ensuring that all data and information on your computer or
other hardware is saved and appropriately backed up before we access your system. We will not
be responsible for any loss of data, information or records. Unless you have requested us to Backup your data & charged for it. 
• We have a” Minimum Fee” for any of our time invested of £5.00 other then Just showing us the problem "In-store".
• We have an investigation (Diagnostics) service which has a charge of Minimum £25 for Laptops / PC’s. £10 for TomTom / Garmin & £10 for Mobile / Tablets.
Further charges may be required to fix a problem but will only be charged after obtaining prior authorisation from “you” the customer.

Once Booked in to our system, We will advise you of the estimated time we will contact you or have completed the repair work. This is normally 24 hours, the same day or longer depending on the work.
However, some repairs can take 2 to 3 working days, under some circumstances, it may take longer due to the availability of parts which can take 7 days due to post or difficulty of the faults which we will advise on.

• It is the customer’s responsibility to backup their data before sending their equipment to
us for repair. We cannot accept any responsibility for data loss during checking,
repairing, or unexpected events occurring.
• Residential PC/laptop repair customers should reply to the quotation within 7 working
days. Complete or Final Payment must be made Collection.
Any equipment kept on site by Computer Repairs Centre
for more than 30 days after the customer has been given a quotation / issued an invoice /
repairs being completed / or after 30 days of no contact to us. will have holding fee of £1 per day will be charged to customer if collected withing 3 months. After 3 Months, the item will be disposed of to recover repairs costs or storage costs, or we will do what we see fit.
• Customers should fully check any unrepaired equipment that you collect, as we will not
take any responsibility once collected. From our experience, some customers may take
the PC/laptop to another repair shop, or dismantle the laptop by themselves, etc - for
which we cannot be held responsible.

All the COMPUTER REPAIRS CENTRE services shown on the receipt will have warranty on parts & labour "expertise". This means.
* If there is a recurrence of the same problem we had fixed or any fault which is connected to the
service provided we will either try again to fix the problem at no extra charge or, if we cannot fix
the problem, we will refund your money in full for the services performed, less the standard
investigation (Diagnostics) “Minimum Fee”.
This excludes faults caused by the failure of other components
after the repair has taken place, or by faults caused through the incorrect use of software or
downloaded material, virus or malware activity, or by faults arising from accidental damage or
incorrect use of the product.

If you book an In-Home / On-Site service appointment we will need the following at the time of
• an adult (over 18 yrs. of age) who has a basic knowledge of the service required or any problems encountered must be present;
• access to the area and equipment being serviced and the electricity mains, plus light and
• your agreement to follow our reasonable instructions;
In addition to the above requirements, if we will be working on your computer we will need:
• a person with administrator level access present;
• any relevant software (or other media) and license information;
Your computer system should have Microsoft Windows Vista or later operating systems or Apple
OSX, if you do not have these our COMPUTER REPAIRS CENTRE Team Member will still try and complete the
requested service but as earlier systems are not supported chances of a successful resolution
may be limited.
If your software is, or appears to be, unlicensed we may not be able to perform a laptop or
desktop computer repair.

Whilst COMPUTER REPAIRS CENTRE Team Members will use reasonable amounts of skill and care to resolve
problems you have referred to us, you accept that we may not be able to correct your problem using our remote support service due to circumstances beyond our control. In the event that it is not possible, we will discuss alternative methods with you in order to resolve your problem, including our in-home / On-site service.
We rely on the information you give us to operate this service. Such information must be complete and as accurate as possible to enable us to effectively resolve your problem.

Any software patches, upgrades or fixes applied to your system by our engineers during either a
Remote Service or an In-Home appointment, are licensed to you by us or the relevant third party
licensors for your own reasonable personal and non-commercial use only unless otherwise
stated. You may not supply such software to anyone else. The licensor retains all copyright and
other intellectual property rights in such software.

All new retail packaged merchandise is warranted through their respected manufacturers. We do
not participate in the manufacturing of these products and therefore are unable to warrant them.
In the unlikely event of a hardware failure, the customer must call the manufacturer and follow
their returns policy, COMPUTER REPAIRS CENTRE will endeavour to assist in this process wherever possible.
External and Specific Internal Components
Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers and Microphone are non-warranted items due to wear and tear
incurred during normal use of these items. All other external components (Monitor, Printer,
Scanner, etc.) and specific internal components (Zip or Tape Drives, etc.) will NOT be honoured
under this warranty agreement. These components are covered under their manufacturer
warranty only. Customers must contact the manufacturer for technical support and/or repairs.
COMPUTER REPAIRS CENTRE CENTRES LTD in no way claims responsibility for these products or their

COMPUTER REPAIRS CENTRE warrants to the original consumer purchaser ("you") that all used and/or
refurbished computers and monitors will be free from hardware defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 90 days from the date stated on the original invoice (unless otherwise stated).
COMPUTER REPAIRS CENTRE agrees as its sole responsibility under this limited warranty, at its sole option, either
to repair or replace any product discovered to be defective within the warranty period, upon receipt of the product by COMPUTER REPAIRS CENTRE. Software & batteries are NOT warrantied.
Any such replacement product may be, at the sole option of COMPUTER REPAIRS CENTRE, a new, refurbished or
remanufactured product.

Removal of any internal component from the computer system case by other than qualified
service personnel of COMPUTER REPAIRS CENTRE will automatically VOID this warranty.
This limited warranty is not applicable to: (I) normal wear and tear; (ii) abuse, unreasonable use,
mistreatment, or neglect; (iii) damage caused by the equipment or system with which the product
is used; (iv) damage caused by electrical power surges and/or spikes; (v) damage caused by
Acts of God such as floods, fires, electrical storms, etc; (vi) damage caused by modification or
repair not made by or authorised by COMPUTER REPAIRS CENTRE.

We do not have specific knowledge of your computer and its configuration. Whilst we will use our
best efforts to minimise disruption to your system, we cannot be responsible for any unforeseen
consequences of our services.
Our services may affect manufacturer warranty validity. It is your responsibility to assess the
effect of our services on any manufacturer's warranty and take appropriate action.
We cannot be responsible or liable to you in relation to any service regarding:
• any loss or corruption of data, information or records;
• any loss of goodwill, or any loss of (or interruption to) business or contracts;
• any failure by you to follow our reasonable advice, recommendations or instructions;
• any losses you may suffer arising from your use of (or failure to use) any anti-virus
software; and
• any loss that is not reasonably foreseeable.

We will ask you for certain details which we require to perform the service. This includes, Name, Mobile Number, Telephone Number able to accept incoming calls, address (Only for Call out - On-site Work) and an e-mail address (For Invoice & Account Setup).
We may record your conversations with our engineers for training or records purposes. Your data protection and privacy rights regarding other information we may collect are set out in our Privacy Policy.
The use of this information is governed through our privacy policy.

We are based at COMPUTER REPAIRS CENTRE, Garnett Street, Dewsbury West Yorkshire, WF134AT
In these terms and conditions, references to "we" and "us" are to COMPUTER REPAIRS CENTRE.
If you require further information, we would recommend you e-mail us at info@ComputerRepairsCentre.co.uk 

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