Computer Repairs Centre’s Terms & Conditions, when leaving an item with us!
* Items MUST be collected within 30 Days , When you have been notifyed the the item is ready to collect" or the Item will be disposed of or sold to cover repair ,Diagnostic , Storage Costs"  
* 30 Day Warranty limited warranty On Labour/Work Service Provided ( Excluding Software Related work)
* Previously Water Damaged items have NO Warranty, Shown Working only !
* iPad Screen Replacement:90 Day Limited Warranty on the iPads Glass Digitizer or LCD Screen component.
* TomTom USB Jack 30 Days warranty. TT Updates 90 Days Warranty. TT LCD/Digitizer Replacements 90 Days.
* This warranty does not include: any software issues created and/or caused by the second user / Customer such as viruses or
spyware, tampering with the settings or other non-related hardware failures.
* Limited warranty means, it does not include any additional software, hardware, parts, system upgrades, or additional components added OR installed to the item by the user / Customer (Only the Parts fitted / Replaced by us are covered)
1. Any Item Booked in to Computer Repairs Centre will be accompanied by a fault report from the customer. The
information given by the customer is for reference only. Our own engineer's examination report will form the basis of the full fault report after Diagnostics has been completed, IF IT is required.
2. It is the customers responsibility to back up their data before bringing their equipment to us for repair. We cannot accept
any responsibility for data loss during checking, repairing, or unexpected events occurring. We accept no responsibility for
data loss of any kind while the laptop / Item is in our possession. However, where possible we will back up the
data before undertaking the repair work if been instructed to by your self’s / Customer (charged for)
3. Customers should fully check the laptop/Item Physically when they take back an unrepaired / Repaired Item. We will not take any responsibility after that. This is because some customers may take the laptop to another repair shop, or dismantle the laptop / Item by themselves, Damage it after taking away. we cannot be responsible for that.

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