Tomtom and Garmin Repairs

Portable units only

We can repair / Replace parts, most common being: 
1. Glass touch screen
2. LCD Screen
3. USB charging port (80% success rate, but in some cases the tracks on the circuit board also get ripped off , making it impossible, Only option mainboard replace which then is not cost affective) 
4. Speaker replacement due to no sound
5. Battery replacement - if it only stays on for 5 - 10 mins or less. 

"Charging issue's are common to us, but for us to find & target the problem, we will need the device, its charging cable, charging block if it is separate to the cable & mount if it used for charging."

Maps, Cameras , Updates on Older Devices

Since April 2019 these older device have expired and NO Longer Supported by TomTom. 
They may seam to work at times but will keep loosing GPS signal intermittently and no longer be reliable .

"Time to get a New one"

Software problems for TomToms
TomTom have restricted access to the files that allowed users to fix them , themselves. Due to this, we can attempt to restore the software that loads up to the map but Only Tomtom support can help , if we don't have success with it.
"Currently only have 20% successful repair"  .

Maps, Cameras , Updates on Newer Devices

Most the Newer Devices Come with Free Map updates for Life which You can update yourself for free on a PC / Laptop. The Speed Cameras & some other add on maybe are charged for as a subscription

If you Don’t have a PC / Laptop or prefer to get the updates done by a professional, We Charge £15 - £30 Depending on the Map on the Device.
UK Map Updates can be Done While you Wait 10 - 20 mins or Europe Maps can take 1 to 2 Hours.
We Also Update All the Free updates such as Voices, GPS, Program and Map Share 


You have to become an Android Developer to be able to update one of these , Designed for Business to be able to customise according to need.

We can Update and upgrade the Firmware's to the latest Android V6 with the Latest Maps .

Not Simple or straight forward , even though the updates are free, it takes a long time to update due to many firmware upgrades and risks involved, not covered by TomTom .

We Charge £75 to upgrade and update to the latest available from TomTom.

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