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PC Systems

Whilst laptops and tablets are increasingly popular, nothing comes close to the performance and capability of a good desktop PC system. With their full size components, and peripherals, they can cope with demanding applications, multiple browser tabs, all from your favourite office chair!


Like laptops, we have access to all the main manufacturers of PC systems, including HP, Lenovo, and Dell, and we usually have systems in stock ready to take away, See here.

Custom Build

Computer Repairs Centre have the knowledge and experience to create and build the perfect system for you. Our technicians will discuss what you use your current PC for, and recommend the ideal specification for your needs. 

Problem? What are the main symptoms?

Will Not Switch On, No power light or any sounds.


Power Light, Fan sound , beeps but nothing on the screen or showing "No signal detected"


Keeps Crashing & will not let you login to the main screen


Very slow with lots of popups that you could make a cup of tea by the time it loads.


I want it to be faster so i don't have to wait long for it to load & work, Saving me a lot of time.

"Requires SSD Hard Drive upgrade or Full Service & Tuneup"


8 Complete tasks are completed to get the results we get "System Speedup" is just "One" of them.

Clean Start - Like NEW

Wipe all, and start fresh with a 100% clean INSTALL of Windows, Professionally done. 

Windows Service / Tune-up

While keeping all your important programs & data as it is, but working / running better.

Our Related Services

NEW PC / Laptop Setup

Performing some simple activities when you first fire it up can help it be safer, faster, and better poised for the future & ready to use. See here

Printer Installation

Printers don't always want to work, until they have been correctly setup. We can help you get it connected and working right. See Printer Setup here

Custom PC Build

When you know what you want or need advice to get what you want, we are here to get it built

Speed-up, Run Faster, Professionally Optimized "Call it what you want"

This is Just one of the many tasks we do after installing or servicing a MS Windows Laptop or PC.

"Below" is a comparison chart of a standard vs Professionally setup PC / Laptop that has a Microsoft Windows operating system (7,8,10 or 11)
These setting help towards getting up-to 5x Better Performance, Speed & response time with efficiency.

Showing Below, some of the setting when you get a Laptop or PC New, after reset & used. Unless it been into to us for a service or Windows re-install.

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