While you Wait & Same day Updates


TomTom Repairs

We Repair All Models of Portable TomTom Units. Repairs from Sound Not Working, GPS not picking up, Cracked Screens, Charging Ports & everything else that can go wrong.

Most Repairs are done in Our Workshop, But Due to some Electronic Faults & Getting some Parts & Right version of part (Digitiser, LCD screen, we may have to Send to Our Supplier to get the Correct Part or Repair Electronic components that are Too Fragile & Micro size even for Us.  


Maps, Cameras , Updates on Older Devices

Since April 2019 these older device have expired and NO Longer Supported by TomTom . 

They may seam to work at times but will keep loosing GPS signal intermitently and no longer be reliable .

Time to get a New one.


Maps, Cameras , Updates on Newer Devices

Most the Newer Devices Come with Free Map updates for Life which You can update yourself for free on a PC / Laptop. The Speed Cameras & some other add on are charged for £19.99 for 1 Year

If you Don’t have a PC / Laptop or prefer to get the updates done by a professional, We Charge £20 - £30 Depending on the Map on the Device. UK Map Updates can be Done While you Wait 10 - 20 mins or Europe Maps can take 45 mins to 2 Hours. We Also Update All the Free updates such as Voices, GPS, Program and Map Share 



You have to become an Andriod Developer to be able to update one of these , Designed for Business to be able to customise acording to need.

We can Update and upgrade the Firmwares to the latest Andriod V6 with the Latest Maps .

Not Simple or straight forward , even though the updates are free, it takes a long time to update due to many firmware upgrades and risks involved, not covered by TomTom .
We Charge £75 to upgrade and update to the latest available from TomTom.

We do NOT Repair any other Brand of Navigation system. Everyone is Very Different & We Don’t have Suppliers for their Parts or the Time to keep up with every Navigation System out there !