Apple & Samsung Repairs

We Can or Can get Most Repairs for iPhones, iPads , Samsung Phones, Samsung Tablets.
Everything From Screens, Charging Ports , Home Buttons, Cameras, Speakers or anything else Not Working Right including Dead Items.

Mobile Phones & Tablets

Our Workshop Speciality is designed and equipped for Computer & Laptop repairs.

We send these items out to specialists. Which can take 2 - 7 Days by Our Certified Apple & Samsung Out of Warranty Repair Specialists.

Macbook Hardware Repairs

Some Hardware parts like, Hard Drives, RAM can we replaced in our Workshop .

Electronic repairs is more difficult and requires Specialist on Motherboard Component level repairs, which require the item to be sent out.

Depending on the difficulty of the repair, it can take anything from 3 days to 30 month in the worst cases. If you got time, we can usually save you half the cost of replacing motherboards, which is not Cost effective in most cases. 

Macbook Software Repairs

Operating System upgrades, Repairs, Servicing is done completely in our workshop.

Clean installing with the Latest OSX available for your device is a good way to make a fresh start.

Servicing Helps the item run faster again , UpToDate , adware/ spyware free and secure.